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“Spirit of the Drum”    For Young Children

  Educational - Uplifting - Entertaining

There will be singing around the mother drum to Cliff’s original Mother Drum Say song, done in a call and response style.

The children will learn and play drums, percussion instruments and unique instruments from around the world. They will enjoy listening to the wonderful relaxing sound of the Native American flutes played by Cliff.

The program includes several group drumming activities. Enough drums are brought so each child will have a drum to play on.

“Spirit of the Drum”    The Experience

  Our most popular and diverse workshop

From daycare to senior centers and everything in between. Can be custom tailored to fit your groups needs. It is designed to introduce you to the wonderful benefits of drumming.

Technology has proven that hand drumming actually strengthens our immune system and helps us reduce stress. This drumming experience can be very uplifting and therapeutic.

Night Journey

  A Meditating Drum Ceremony

A drum workshop designed to take you within yourself to a place of focus and vision.

With the use of a simple heartbeat drum rhythm, Cliff takes you on a meditative journey that has been described as spiritually uplifting.

Heartbeat to the Soul

  A Guided Meditation

A guided meditation workshop. Cliff takes you on a journey upon the shoulders of the mighty crow. He guides you to a place where you can envision your soul’s purpose.

This workshop has been described as empowering and heart touching.

“The Healing Drum”

  A Drum Healing

Our most powerful workshop designed to explore the healing power of the drum. Participants will use different drums to experience their individual healing qualities.

Each participant will also have personal time with Cliff if they wish to do so. The drums healing power is huge, wonderful, and life changing for some.

The Releasing

  Achieving Balance Through Drumming

A drum workshop designed to utilize the drum specifically for releasing those things that trouble us and hold us back from living in balance and harmony. This releasing experience can be healing and transforming.

The Drum Circle

  With Cliff Madru

A drum circle is an open drumming session where people come together to drum with no specific agenda. Every session is different depending on who is there, what types of drums are used, and how everyone feels on that particular day.

We provide drums for those who do not have one.

Drum Making Workshop

  Build Your Own Frame Drum

Cliff was personally taught at the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico by John Archuleta a Taos Pueblo Native American award winning drum maker

This workshop is designed for you to experience the hands on making of your own Native American Style drum.

The drums power is huge, wonderful, and life changing for some.

You Decide The Drum Size - Single Sided Hand Held Frame Drum in 14" 16" 18" 24".

You Decide The All Natural Rawhide: Horse, Bear, Buffalo, Moose Calf, Deer, Elk, Bull, Cow & Goat


The Who’s of “You”

This lecture is all about “YOU”. It is designed to uplift and inspire you to recognize the power within yourself. Cliff will encourage you to look back on “Who You Were”, see “Who You Are”; Then be “Who You Wish To Be.” Cliff believes that we are what we see ourselves to be. The vision is yours!

“Self” Awareness

This lecture is a discussion of inspiration designed to help you build confidence in the choices that you make each day. Cliff believes that through our choices and how we truly feel about everything, creates our life experiences. Cliff also believes that we can change anything in our lives by simply making a conscious choice about it. Will it be fear and misery; or love and joy? The choice is yours!


Solo Music Performances

By Cliff Madru

  Solo Percussion Music
With Voice, Natural Drums and
Native American Flute

For Those Very Special Celebrations!

Cocktail Hours, Corporate Events, Black Tie affairs and Gatherings of All Types.

For those times when you're looking for something different. From low key events to audience participating fun.

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