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Cliff Madru is a 40 year veteran to drumming. He now makes the drums his life work. Cliff is the owner of 7th St. Creations and promotes wellness through hand drumming, music & lectures. He also teaches drumming through private instruction and performs locally with several musical groups.

Cliff feels that hand drumming is an uplifting and inspirational means of expressing and getting in touch with our inner self. He feels the best part of drumming with others is the positive energy that the group creates together. Cliff creates a safe, positive environment and truly enjoys bringing to people this captivating and therapeutic drumming experience.

"For me the drum is therapy for my heart
and healing to my soul"
   - Cliff Madru
My Friend and Drumming Assistant Elizabeth Sutton

Many times I need to have help with a drumming workshop or event and my friend Elizabeth adds her wonderful personality and love of drumming to the event. Elizabeth is an experienced hand-drummer and her performance reflects her love of rhythm and percussion.

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My Thoughts and Feelings About Drumming
By Cliff Madru

It is said the drum knows your thoughts and your feelings
It can make you happy and make you laugh, make you cry or make you dance. For me it is therapy for my heart and healing to my soul. The drum in its simplicity offers to those who are called to its beat a place of natural harmony.

Health Benefits
A recent study has shownthat you increase your white blood cell count and strengthen your immune system while drumming. It is actually healthy for you to drum. An earlier study done some years ago showed that drumming dramatically reduces stress. According to the research stress is the cause of 98% of all disease. Not only heart attacks, strokes and immune system breakdowns, but many viruses as well have been linked to stress.

Everybody can drum
For those who think they have no rhythm the drum can be played by simply tapping a pulse on it. Many are brought to a meditative state by the repetition of a single tone and the constant beat. I like to say that the drum can be used as a tool for looking inward and seeing the truth of what changes are needed for you to feel balanced and in good spirits. This can be a wonderful experience. It can also be an emotional one. While drumming you may become entranced in the sound and close out everything around you. It is in this place of inner stillness that lives can become changed. Many people find it to be an exhilarating experience, very therapeutic, or just plain fun.

For me hand drumming has changed my life
I have always played conventional type drums since I was young. It wasn’t until a trip to the Grand Canyon that I was overwhelmed and driven to purchase my first Native American style drum. I had never hand drummed before and up until this point wasn’t much interested in that type of drumming. When I got the drum home and played it for the first time I was totally moved by the experience. The drum brought me to that place of inner stillness. It helped me gain the clarity I needed so I could begin to change my life. Today it still helps me to see options in my life and helps me stay on my path. It is through drumming that I am able to stay in a place of balance.

On this trip
Another thing came to me while I was standing at the edge of the canyon. It was to ask myself in each situation, “What would love do?” I have kept this thought in my focus over the years when making my decisions. This helps me to see an option that would best represent my highest vision. It doesn’t mean I always choose what I see, but for an instant I do know what would be considered right in the highest spiritual sense.

Make a choice to try drumming.
See what your experience is.

It might just change your life!

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